Dana Kabaila on Mentoring

In this interview, we discuss the different types of mentoring, how mentoring can be beneficial at all stages of a career, but especially during transitions, and the benefit of having a professional mentor.

We also discuss how mentoring can help everyone to be more reflective, which helps them support children much better.
· November 11, 2022

Dana Kabaila has over a decade of experience working as a speech pathologist in disability, hospitals and community health services. She holds a Graduate Diploma of Infant Mental Health and is the National Clinical Lead for a team of speech pathologists around Australia. Dana’s work is informed by Depth Psychology, particularly the work of psychoanalyst, Carl Jung. She contributes to a sub-committee of the CG Jung Society of Melbourne, is a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society and draws on ancestral knowledge of Lithuanian folklore practices.

In this interview, we start by discussing the different types of mentoring and how this differs from supervision or coaching. Dana explains how mentoring can be beneficial at all stages of a professional’s career, but how it may be most useful at times of transition.

She goes on to explain how mentoring programmes can be established, creating an emotionally safe environment, and how having a range of people in the organisation as mentors creates the opportunities for different types of mentoring. Dana also discusses the benefit of having a professional mentor outside of your organisation or if you work alone.

We finish by discussing how mentoring can help Early Years professionals, teachers and educators to fall in love with their job again and be more reflective, think about their work more deeply, which helps them support children much better.


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