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Clare Devlin on Observation, Assessment and Planning

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Clare Devlin on Observation, Assessment and Planning


Clare Devlin has been working within the field of early years care and education since 1988.
She began her career as a Foundation Stage teacher, moved in 1995 to become an early years adviser with the education and library board and, in 2007, took on the role as Director of Programmes with Early Years – the Organisation for Young Children. Clare has had a lead role in the development of “Sure Start Developmental Programme for Two & Three Year Olds in Northern Ireland”

In 2009 Clare became an independent trainer, consultant and mentor and has been focusing on the design and delivery of bespoke quality training programmes across Ireland and the UK.
Clare works with a range of schools, organisations and providers across the statutory, voluntary and private sector delivering a wide range of programmes that draw on lessons learned from research and local and international best practice.
Clare worked as an Associate Assessor with the Education and Training Inspectorate in Northern Ireland (ETI).
Clare is also an Associate trainer with Early Education in London.
Clare’s particular interest is in the observation and documentation of children’s thinking and learning.

In this Masterclass interview, we discuss the ‘What, So What and Now What’ of observation, assessment and planning; what observations are important; how to record them; understanding the reasons behind making an observation; the use of assessments in understanding children’s progress; the involvement scales; documentation for planning that utilises multiple observation techniques; improving and updating your techniques; effective and interactive training via Zoom.

You can find Clare’s website here: http://www.claredevlin.org/

Twitter here: @claredevlinEEC

Facebook here: @claredevlinearlyeducation

Boulder Journey school information for Educators here: https://educators.boulderjourneyschool.com/

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