Charlotte Davies on Sensory Integration and the Development of Children’s Senses

In this extended, hour-long session you will learn about motor sensory integration, the lifelong health benefits and how Early Years professionals can support children’s sensory integration and development. In particular: why retained primitive reflexes can cause problems later on; how external forces can affect sensory integration; and the developmental order of the senses and their integration.
· December 23, 2022

Charlotte Davies is a director of the company Fit 2 Learn. She originally trained in Finance, but then moved into teaching when working in the Far East. She holds the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Through Daleen Smith she came to understand the link between child development and cognitive skills.

In 2012 she founded Fit 2 Learn and subsequently trained as a Tomatis Consultant. In 2016 she won the prize for best case study at the Tomatis Paris Convention and in 2018 co-authored the book The Maze of Learning – Developing Motor Skills with Melina Healy and Daleen Smith.

In this extended, hour-long session, Charlotte starts by explaining what we mean by the senses, how they have a developmental order and what that order is. She describes what happens if primitive reflexes are retained and how this can be corrected with specific exercises.

The interview is full of ‘a-ha’ moments, including the fact that motor-sensory integration is not complete until children are 7 or 8 years old, giving a compelling reason for formal education to start at this age.

We also discuss how external factors, such as inner ear infections (Glue Ear) can affect sensory development including movement; how poorly developed foundation skills may affect children’s posture, affecting their ability to learn; and what to look out for in order to spot poor sensory integration.

Charlotte concludes the interview by describing Tomatis sound therapy, explains how it can help children and the types of results you can expect.

You can buy the book, which includes exercises, photos and explanations here:

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