Behaviour Detectives with Tamsin Grimmer

This online masterclass from Tamsin Grimmer gives early years educators and practitioners a framework for understanding children's behaviour and responding in supportive, nurturing ways.
· December 11, 2023

This online masterclass from Tamsin Grimmer gives early years educators and practitioners a framework for understanding children’s behaviour and responding in supportive, nurturing ways.

It covers attachment, self-regulation, the reasons behind behaviour, and strategies like emotion coaching and conflict resolution. Tamsin draws on research and practical examples to equip you to become “behaviour detectives” who can interpret what children’s actions communicate and help them learn positive behaviours.

In this Behaviour Detectives masterclass you’ll:

  • Gain insight into the underlying emotional and developmental factors behind young children’s behaviour
  • Learn constructive, compassionate techniques to respond to attention-seeking, aggression, and other common issues
  • Discover strategies that build self-regulation skills rather than relying on rewards and punishments
  • Implement tools like Emotion Coaching and Conflict Resolution to resolve problems peacefully
  • Reframe “behaviour management” into understanding and teaching social-emotional competencies
  • Hear real-life stories and examples that bring the research to life
  • Get access to downloadable resources like iceberg templates and solution card sets

Supporting and understanding children’s behaviour is a core component of the updated Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework – and of guidelines around the world. This masterclass gives you effective strategies to meet the needs of these guidelines.

Each lesson includes activities and reflection points and runs for 60 minutes. You’ll get a certificate on completion for 90 minutes of training, which includes the activities as suggested in the masterclass.

You get lifetime access to the course and you can watch as many times as you want.

Here’s a short introduction to the masterclass from Tamsin:

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About Your Course Instructor:

Tamsin Grimmer is a lecturer at the world famous Norland College, Education Director of Linden Learning and a self-employed consultant.

She is an advocate for listening to young children, making learning multi-sensory, active and playful. She offers early years training and early childhood consultancy services for nursery settings and associated organisations and also delivers webinars and keynotes for a broad range of clients. She has written many books, articles, and publications to support early years education.

She has specialised professional expertise and knowledge as an early education consultant and ‘early childhood trainer’, on key topics such as ‘loving pedagogy’, ‘superhero play’, ‘school readiness’, ‘schematic behaviour’, ‘self regulation in early childhood’ and ‘supporting behaviours and emotions in the early years’.

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