Barbara Schindelhauer on Maths in the Early Years

Barbara Schindelhauer shares how the Numberland approach turns abstract maths into playful, multi-sensory experiences that engage and delight young children. Discover research-based strategies for joyful, effective early maths.
· June 28, 2024

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Barbara Schindelhauer is the founder of Numberland and an Early Years enthusiast. After several years in Sales and Marketing in the international consumer goods industry, Barbara changed career path, starting her own business to contribute to the development of children without being overambitious – but letting the good things happen and enjoying these precious early years.

In 2004, Barbara volunteered in her children’s kindergarten, and came across the Numberland research project by early childhood pedagogue Dr. Gerhard Friedrich.

Since then, she has trained many hundreds of teachers, in Germany and internationally, in very different settings. In 2011 she became co-author of Dr. Friedrich’s German best seller Numberland book. Her latest children’s picture book, co-authored with Australian teacher Mark Hansen, “My Garden is a Square” has already been published in 7 languages.

In this interview, Barbara shares fascinating insights into the Numberland approach, a playful, multi-sensory way to introduce maths concepts to young children. You’ll learn how to create engaging, hands-on experiences that make maths fun and meaningful for children of all backgrounds and abilities.

In this episode you’ll:

  • Discover how to turn abstract maths concepts into tangible, playful experiences children love
  • See how Numberland integrates maths with language, creativity, and general knowledge
  • Learn ways to adapt Numberland for children with diverse needs and abilities
  • Explore ideas for engaging parents and extending Numberland into the home
  • Find out about the research behind Numberland’s effectiveness for maths and language development

Watch this session to get practical, hands-on strategies you can implement right away to make early maths engaging and meaningful. You’ll come away with inspiring ideas and a fresh perspective on how to create joyful, wondrous experiences that help children explore mathematical concepts through play and discovery.


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