Barb O’Neill on Drama, Puppets and Story-telling

Barb O'Neill is passionate about empowering and supporting Early Years’ teachers.
· March 22, 2019

Barb O’Neill is passionate about empowering and supporting Early Years’ teachers.

In this video, Barb O’Neill has some fantastic advice on how to use the “Yes – and…” thinking that lies at the heart of improv drama to help and support children in the classroom. But that is not all – Barb is also joined by her puppet, Minako, to explain how we can use puppets to communicate with children, and she also explains the benefits of story-telling.

For those of you who have an interest in children’s behaviour within a school or setting, Barb’s free conference ‘Transform Challenging Behavior’ starts on the 3rd of April 2019. She has 21 world class speakers, discussing all forms of behaviour, from biting to long term strategies for behaviour. You can find out more here:

*** You can sign up for Barb’s free online Conference – Transform Challenging Behaviour – here

Barb’s main website is:

Links to some of the resources and speakers that Barb mentions can be found below:

You can find ‘Ruby in her own time’ by Jonathan Emmett here.

‘The Biting Solution’ by Lisa Poelle here. 

‘Trauma-Informed Practices for Early Childhood Educators’ by Julie Nicholson, Linda Perez and Julie Kurtz here

Ross Robinson on meditation and mindfulness can be found on Holistic Life Foundation here.

*** Note this is an Affiliate link, so I’ll get a commission IF you buy anything, but it is a free conference, with some incredible speakers, so there is no obligation to buy anything!

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