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Annie Davy on Routes to Resilience

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Annie Davy on Routes to Resilience


In this extended Wellbeing Festival interview, Annie explains the Routes to Resilience for children, and adults, including:

  • What it means to be a resilient child
  • The many layers of resilience in a person’s life
  • How the Head, Heart, Hands – physical, emotional, cognitive – are all connected
  • Working with nature as a resource to support resilience

Annie is a highly experienced leadership coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator. She is a catalyst for innovative projects spanning education, community and social enterprise, with a strong track record of incubating successful community projects, social enterprise and transforming environments (see www.barrackslanegarden.org.uk;  www.flosoxford.org.uk; www.thenatureeffect.com) Key work skills: facilitation of peer to peer action learning sets,  a deep understanding of early childhood development and organisational resilience.  Annie is a passionate advocate of connecting to nature for better health and well-being.  Her most recent book for early years practitioners “A Sense of Place  – mindful practice outdoors”  was published by Bloomsbury in 2019.

Annie’s career spans teaching, inspection, writing,  lecturing and management. She has held  successful leadership roles including  12 years heading up an award winning service of 300 staff, head of community education centre, interim headteacher of a nursery school and children’s centre and founder of three thriving charitable social enterprises in her home town of Oxford.  She works as consultant internationally.   She believes that supporting leaders’ resilience is essential for a team, setting or organisation to flourish. She is passionate about her family, human development, Nature and creating great spaces for work and life.





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