Ann Marie Christian on Affluent Neglect

Anne-Marie Christian shares her expertise on identifying and addressing affluent neglect, a complex form of neglect in wealthy families, providing early years professionals with strategies to navigate unique challenges and effectively safeguard children.
· May 27, 2022

Anne-Marie Christian is an International Safeguarding and Child Protection Consultant, Trainer, Author and Troubleshooter. She has independently supported hundreds of organisations around the world in the sports, arts, faith and voluntary sector, strengthening their safeguarding agendas.

In this insightful interview, Anne-Marie discusses the complex issue of affluent neglect, a form of neglect experienced by children in wealthy families. She shares her expertise on identifying risk factors, navigating challenges faced by early years settings, and effectively addressing concerns with affluent parents.

In this session you’ll:

  • Discover what affluent neglect is and how it differs from traditional forms of neglect
  • Learn to spot the subtle signs of affluent neglect that can be easily overlooked
  • Uncover the unique challenges early years settings face when addressing affluent neglect
  • Gain strategies for having difficult conversations with resistant affluent parents
  • Understand the critical importance of taking action and the potential consequences of inaction

Delving into an intriguing case study, Ann Marie analyses the complex layers involved when unpicking signs of affluent neglect. She offers practical tips on recognising warning signs, overcoming the challenges practitioners face in reporting concerns, working in partnership with families, developing policies and best practice around dealing with this sensitive issue, and ultimately, putting the welfare of the child first.

Don’t miss this eye-opening discussion that will transform your understanding of neglect and equip you with the tools to safeguard all children in your care.

This episode was originally broadcast on the 27th of May 2022






The research that Ann Marie refers to, by Claudia Bernard can be found here:

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