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Alison Featherbe on the Positive Impact of Change

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Alison Featherbe on the Positive Impact of Change


Alison Featherbe has been a private nanny, teaching assistant in a special school, childminder, nursery practitioner, crèche manager, EYT and Pre-School SEN Advisor.

After a long career in Early Years culminating in a role as an Early Years Development Officer for Brighton and Hove City Council, Alison started her company Orange Caterpillar in 2014. She now offers advice, support, consultation and training for the Early Years sector through Orange Caterpillar.

In this interview, we discuss some of the changes in the Early Years sector over recent months – the anxiety that has come with information constantly changing and the situation evolving; the significant changes to the way we educate and care, manage emotional and physical environments and support parents; the challenges many leaders and managers have faced.

Alison explains how she has been supporting and helping settings to make the most of the opportunities that these new ways of working can give us, a chance to look at our values and use them to create new ideals – from leadership to environment and home learning environment – with lots of top tips for you to use in your own setting.

Alison’s website is here: https://orangecaterpillar.co.uk/

Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/EYSussex/

Twitter here: https://twitter.com/EYSUSSEX

Inspiring Nurseries for Ask the Expert with Alison https://www.facebook.com/inspiringnurseries/

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