Alison Featherbe and Louise Lloyd Evans on Nature and Sustainable Nurseries Against Plastic

Alison Featherbe and Louise Lloyd Evans discuss how their eco-friendly nursery uses a nature-based curriculum and sustainable practices to promote deeper learning and environmental responsibility in young children.
· October 16, 2020

Alison Featherbe and Louise Lloyd Evans are experienced early years practitioners who have worked in a variety of roles in nurseries and early years settings. Louise owns Young Friends, an eco-friendly nursery, and is the founder of SNAP, a global nursery against plastic initiative. Alison offers advice and support through her training company, Orange Caterpillar.

In this insightful interview, Alison Featherbe and Louise Lloyd Evans share their experience of creating a nature-based, sustainable nursery that educates children, staff and parents about the environment. They discuss the importance of a flexible routine, family groupings, and using natural resources to promote deeper learning and creativity. Alison and Louise also share practical tips for nurseries wanting to become more eco-friendly.

In this episode you’ll:

  • Discover how a flexible, nature-based routine promotes meaningful learning
  • Learn how family groupings benefit children’s social and emotional development
  • Understand how natural resources inspire creativity, problem-solving and rich language
  • Get practical tips for making your nursery more sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Hear how to educate and engage parents and staff in your setting’s ethos and values

Watch this illuminating interview to learn how you can provide a rich, nature-based curriculum while teaching the next generation to be responsible global citizens.

This episode was originally broadcast on the 16th of October 2020

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