Alice Sharp on How to Inspire and Improve Practice

In this interview, Alice Sharp shares how to spark creativity in staff and children through everyday items and exposure to diverse perspectives. Let the team's imagination transform common materials. Tune into child interests to capture imagination. Invest in Early Years staff to uplift children.
· May 31, 2024

Alice Sharp is nationally and internationally recognised for using a dynamic and innovative approach to children and their play, Alice draws on her 30 years of practice – and an experiential approach – in her role as an early childhood influencer, keynote speaker, mum and writer.

With her ‘Adventures with Alice’, she believes that Early Years Educators change the world, one small step at a time. Her training encourages rich, experiential professional and personal development for all Early Childhood teachers, staff, children’s carers, and educators.

In this interview, Alice discusses how to inspire and improve the practice of staff, and in particular, how to find their natural creativity and innovation. She explains how exposure to different people, cultures and languages can help people become more creative.

Alice also talks about how staff teams can come up with innovative ways to play and use resources, including looking at everyday items and then thinking of creative ways to use them – with spoons being an obvious example!


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