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Alice Sharp on making ordinary activities extraordinary

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Alice Sharp on making ordinary activities extraordinary


Alice Sharp is based in Glasgow, Scotland and describes herself as an ‘imagineer’. She is a consultant, author, trained as a primary teacher – and loves, loves, loves her job! Alice is well-known for her creativity, unusual and provocative activities for young children, as well as her dynamic and fun-filled training courses.

In this video, we explore some ‘classic’ play activities – painting (and art), using mirrors and the home corner. Find out how you can make these more fun, interesting, provocative, playful, matched to the children’s needs and creative, using Alice’s inspirational ideas (including beautiful plastic…!).

You can find her new website here: alicesharp.co.uk/ 
and her Facebook page, with lots of videos – Alice Sharp Curiosity, Investigation and Discovery Approach – here: facebook.com/alicesharpcidapproach/
and on Twitter here: twitter.com/alicesharp66

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Kathy Brodie